• Content Creation & Marketing- Weather you are looking to increase your ranking on Google, come up with content for your website, or create and deliver a message about your brand or business, TTPR can help you achieve greatness by helping you deliver unique and creative content.​
  • Message Development- Informative, beneficial, inspiring, and motivating are four words that describe the perfect message. TTPR likes to focus less on what our clients are trying to say and more on what their targeted audience wants to hear. We encourage our clients to focus on what it is that their message is destined to do and then we work in conjunction with them to help them develop a message that will interest others
  • PR Representation- Often referred to as publicist, TTPR works diligently to manage our client’s relationships with the media. Outside of the traditional media outlets that are used as means of exposure, we understand the importance of managing viral reputations as well. We work on the behalf of our client’s to ensure that they are obtaining the right type of publicity that will aid in the continued success and positive perception of their brand.​
  • Press Releases- The power of a press release!! TTPR understands the importance of exposure. In a highly technological age, more and more businesses are missing out on their chance to gain maximum exposure through the most notable media outlets. Not only do we compose press releases for our clients, but we deliver the information to the people that will get you the exposure that you are looking for.​
  • Fundraising- Fundraising plays an intricate role in the success of most nonprofits to date. Here at TTPR we believe in the power of unique and easy fundraising ideas that get the job done. We also see the many benefits outside of the obvious monetary benefit of fundraising efforts which enables us to create creative and compelling campaigns. From creation to formation all the way down to execution, TTPR can assist with your fundraising efforts.


Branding businesses that change the world, one strategy at a time

The account managers at TTPR will serve as your small business marketing consultant. More than anything else, CEO's want to be hands on however could use additional professional insight. Tell us your vision and we will make it a business reality.

Every successful business started with an idea, concept, or solution to a problem.

We offer flexible solutions to meet your needs

TTPR holds its staff and affiliates to a standard of excellence. We plan, strategize, execute, and manage the many working pieces of a brand to ensure its marketing value.

Marketing Strategy

The Big Idea 

The saying goes "communication is the key to success" and at TTPR it is. Weather we need to follow up with a client or a prospect, we do so with diligence and persistence gaining answers to questions and solutions to problems 

Building businesses in the world of technology


TTPR will help turn your concept into a strategic marketing plan that will contribute to your business's long term success.

At TTPR we measure our success based on our results. We measure the impact of those results on our client's profits, visibility, and established relationships.

Passionate Execution

Business marketing refers to the actions and/or steps taken to promote and sell your products and services.

Simplifying Your Business Operations while increasing your profits

What is business marketing?


Incline is the world's first video based digital optimization platform using the ranking power of video to help businesses show up in organic searches online. The video based digital optimization platform is only the beginning of this digital ecosystem. Stay connected for more information.

Innovative marketing solutions when you need them

Marketing and Advertising solutions



The Plan

The long term value

Persistent Follow-Up

Professional Services

Technology has become a go to resource for information and education. This has changed the way businesses operate and market their products and services to their customers. It has also given consumers a platform to give reviews and/or complaints on a business in real time. With marketing being an essential part of any business, it is important to now integrate technology and customer satisfaction into your businesses marketing plan.

Because of the vital role that your customers play in the success of your business, TTPR is committed to creating plans and processes that start and end with your customers buying experience. This will establish and maintain a foundation of excellence and trust in your business and show your customers that you know what is important to them. 


  • Communication and conversation
  • Effective delivery of message
  • Knowing and meeting the needs of your customers
  • Use of integrated tools to engage online
  • Systems for measuring customer behavior
  • Systems for matching customers behavior with marketing content that speaks directly to the needs of customers 
  • Systems for collecting data and using the data for future marketing...

The list goes on and on, however these are all factors and things that should be an integral part of your business's marketing strategy. This list is a foreign language if you don't have a full understanding of the underlying concepts that make up business marketing. 

With the transition to digital, this list can be more complicating therefore increasing the value of a small business marketing consultant to assist you with your marketing endeavors. 

TTPR is passionate about increasing profits and visibility for businesses. Always staying ahead on the latest trends, resources, and marketing tools, TTPR has a proven track record of achieving results others thought to be impossible. 

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  • Increased profits
  • Increased visibility
  • Documented "blueprint" for business
  • Measurable inputs and outcomes
  • Consistent customer satisfaction
  • Limited daily frustration
  • Ongoing effective advertising and marketing solutions


It is our passion for the long term success of businesses that fuels us as we execute on research based strategies in an effort to assist businesses with long term sustainability